The Town of Ithaca is committed to being a leader in sustainability.  The Town’s Green New Deal aims for an equitable transition to carbon-neutrality town-wide by 2030, recognizing there will be multiple benefits besides greenhouse gas reduction, including improved community health and economic vitality.

Sustainability News

Town of Ithaca Launches Implementation Assistance Program for the Ithaca Energy Code

The Town of Ithaca is launching a campaign to provide residents and small developers with technical assistance to comply with the Ithaca Energy Code Supplement. This no-cost assistance is designed to help individuals in the Town obtain information, guidance, and consultant expertise regarding energy options that can help reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Individual homeowners and design professionals working on single- or two-family dwelling unit projects interested in this program or with questions about eligibility can reach out to Town of Ithaca Code Enforcement & Zoning at or 607-273-1783. There are also a number of free books available at Town Hall that provide a good introduction to energy- efficient building practices- stop by and grab your free copy today!

Town of Ithaca Updates its Large Scale Solar Overlay Zone

The Town of Ithaca amended its code (Chapter 270) for solar facilities. The revisions aim to assist with solar development by providing clear definitions and requirements. An updated large- scale solar overlay zone map shows where large- scale solar systems (maximum of 35 acres) are allowed within the Town of Ithaca.

Are you interested in developing large-scale solar within the Town of Ithaca? Please reach out to the Planning Department: or 607-273-1721.

In March 2020, the Town of Ithaca adopted a Green New Deal resolution by unanimous vote of the Town Board. The main goal of the Town’s Green New Deal is to achieve an equitable transition to carbon-neutrality Town-wide by 2030. The Town also set two goals for its own operations to be met by 2025: to meet the electricity needs of Town government operations with 100% regionally sourced renewable electricity and to reduce emissions from the Town fleet of vehicles by 50%.