Frequently asked questions


Where do property taxes get paid? 

Town and County taxes are payable to the Town of Ithaca. In-Person: Town Clerk’s Office, 215 N. Tioga St, corner of N. Tioga and Buffalo Streets.  There is a mail slot for your convenience on the Buffalo St. door for after-hours payments.  

By-Mail: Receiver of Taxes, 215 N. Tioga St., Ithaca NY 14850. Postmark counts – any payment postmarked on or before the due date is considered on-time.  Please remember if you are using a bill pay service, they almost always have a delayed mailing date which may not be “on time.”  

On-Line:  There is a third party administration fee for the various modes of payment.

If you choose the 2-installment option, second installments are paid in July to Tompkins County Finance 125 E Court St.

Where do I pay my School Taxes?

The Ithaca City School District tax bills are mailed October 1st and due by the end of October.  Payments can only be made to Tompkins County Trust Bank.

Information and locations are on the bill and here is a link for current and past bills/receipts:

I didn’t receive my tax bill, what do I do?

Municipalities and the School District use a database of owner addresses from Tompkins County Assessment.  This database is finalized for the year by the end of August.  This means if you bought or sold your house after August, the bill(s) will go to the owner and address as of August.  

All bills are available on our website using the various links above.  If you need to change your billing address due to circumstances such as renting your home or moving to a warmer climate for the winter, please contact Tompkins County Assessment and/or check our website for links to the various bills.  By law, you are responsible for paying your tax bills on time regardless of whether you receive a bill in the mail or not. If you have not received a bill by the end of the first week of the month they are sent out, please check our website or give us a call at 607-273-1721 and we can assist you. 

Utility Services

Who do I call for water service?

Bolton Point is an inter-municipal entity which supplies and manages water services. 

Who do I call about my water bill?

The Town collects payments; contact Debby Kelley at 607-273-1721 ext 114 or via email at  with billing questions or Bolton Point with usage questions. 

There is a tree down! 

Please call 911 and they will contact NYSEG and Emergency Services if necessary.  The County has an alert system in place that you can sign up for  – SIREN – This program allows the County to send out alerts for a variety of reasons and you can choose which you would like to receive.


How can I sign up for alerts?

The County has an alert system in place that you can sign up for  – SIREN – This program allows the County to send out alerts for a variety of reasons and you can choose which you would like to receive.


Where do I Vote?  Where do I get an absentee ballot?

Tompkins County Board of Elections, Tompkins County Annex Building 128 E Buffalo St 1st Floor 607-274-5522

Tompkins County Clerk’s Office FAQs

Where do I apply/renew a passport?

Although there may be other places throughout the County, the Tompkins County Clerk’s Office does issue passports.

Where do I go to apply for a DBA?

Where can I get a copy of my divorce certificate?

Divorce certificates are only available to the parties of the divorce.  Please contact the County Clerks

Where do I get a copy of a birth/death certificate?

Tompkins County Health Department Vital Records holds all birth and death certificates for the County

Report a dead deer on road?

County Rd 607-274-0300, State Rd 607-756-7072

Court Related Questions

Where do I pay my parking ticket?  Where do I pay my fine?

Please check your ticket carefully as many people come to Town Hall when they really need to go to City Hall or City Court. Very few parking tickets are issued by the Town.  Downtown parking tickets are issued and payable to the City of Ithaca.

Where do I file for a divorce? Where do I file for custody? 

I need to file a Small Claims action?

Small claims are filed in the municipal court in which the incident happened.