Sustainability Goals

In March 2020, the Town of Ithaca adopted a Green New Deal by unanimous vote. The Green New Deal goals summarized below replaced the previous GHG reduction goals.

Town Community Goals

For example, homes, businesses, and transportation town-wide.

  • Achieve an equitable transition to carbon-neutrality Town-wide by 2030

The Town has committed to the following equity principles in the implementation of the Green New Deal:

  • Ensure that processes are fair and inclusive in the development and implementation of programs and policies
  • Ensure that benefits and burdens of policies and programs are distributed fairly
  • Institutionalize accountability processes and implement programs that sustain positive outcomes

Government Operations Goals

For example, facilities, vehicle fleet, and water treatment.

  • Meet the electricity needs of Town government operations with 100% regionally sourced renewable electricity by 2025
  • Reduce emissions from the Town fleet of vehicles by 50% from the 2010 levels by 2025