Operating Permits

Certain types of occupancies in the Town require an Operating Permit. These fall into two categories, Residential and Non-Residential.

Residential Operating Permits are issued for:

  • Multiple Residences with 3 or more units
  • Rental Registry – single family homes & single family homes with accessory dwelling units that are rented for 30 plus days
  • Short Term Rentals – less than 30 days
  • Motel/Hotels
  • Daycare Center – child &/or adult
  • Health Care Facility – more than 10 people sleep
  • Dormitory


  • Manufacturing, storing and handling of hazardous materials (see code section for tables and limits)
  • Hazardous processes and activities such as those that produce combustible dust, fruit and crop ripening and waste handling
  • Use of pyrotechnic devices in assembly occupancies
  • Buildings with areas of public assembly of 100 or more occupants
  • Buildings whose use or occupancy classification may pose a substantial potential hazard to public safety, as determined by the Code Enforcement Officer
  • Mobile Food Truck Preparation Vehicle

The Code of the Town of Ithaca Chapter 124-8 contains the local law regarding Operating Permits along with information about the required Fire Safety inspections.

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