Handicap Parking Permit

Permits are issued from the municipality (Town or City) in which you live, not the DMV.

Parking permits are prescribed by your physician.  There is a NYS form or your physician can simply write you a prescription. The prescription should include your Name, Address, DOB, a Diagnosis Code, and Length of Time the permit is needed.   

Please take the time to look up your physical address and determine where you need to go.   Even if you have an “Ithaca” mailing address, you might not reside in “the Town of Ithaca”.  We advise you to use our onsite tool to look up your address to find which municipality you live in Where do I Live

We will need to see your driver’s license to complete the process.  If someone is getting the permit on your behalf, please send them with your driver’s license or a copy.

If you would like, you can go to our Resident Portal to create an account and submit an application for the permit online.  You will be able to upload your driver’s license and NYS form/prescription, and we will send you the permit tag with instructions for its use.